Sensei Overend

Head Instructor

19 years of training in the martial arts

10 years of teaching martial arts

5th degree black belt in Karate

Purple belt in Jiu Jitsu

Certified Krav Maga Instructor

Justin is dedicated to sharing the values of life skills and character development and helping “improve lives everyday”

Mr. DeWinde

Began training in April 2011 

Started teaching in February 2014

Earned Black Belt in August 2014

Earned 2nd Degree Black Belt February 2018

Favorite weapons include: bo staff and chucks 

Studying Forensic Anthropology 

Ms. Harris

Began Training May 2009

Started teaching 2011

Earned Black Belt August 2012

Earned 2nd Degree  Black Belt February 2018

25 year veteran Educator 

Mr. Harris

Started Training February 2009

Earned Black Belt August 2012

Began Teaching April 2017

Earned 2nd Degree Black Belt February 2018

Studying Physics/Mathematics at MCC

Mrs. Samper

Started Martial Arts Training, May 2010

First Degree Black Belt, August 2013

Started Teaching, March 2015

Second Degree Black Belt, June 2017 

I love the martial arts, in fact I can’t remember my life without it!  I love teaching kids the most, because they are so open to learning, and their energy is infectious!

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