How much is it?

GREAT Question!


Before I give you the hard and fast number, (which I will!) I want you to be aware of a few things:

1) We do NOT require any long term contracts. If for any reason you need to cancel simply give us 30 days notice. 

2) We do NOT charge belt fees, graduation fees, tip fees, or any other fees! We are all inclusive, our price includes: 

Your program

Your uniform 

Belts as they are earned

Adults can take one Fitness Kickboxing Class per week

Monthly special events

Students are responsible to purchase their own gear.

3) We do NOT hide our prices, or haggle with you like a used car salesmen. We stand behind our product and our up front with the costs. 

Without further ado…

Martial Arts Training

Unlimited Training  $169 per month

3 Times per week  $149 per month

2 Times per week  $129 per month

1 Time per week  $119 per month

Fitness Kickboxing Training

Unlimited Classes  $129 per month

10 Classes  $150 total 

Drop-In Class  $20 per class


10% off when paid in full for 6 months

15% off when paid in full for 1 year

Family Discounts:

2nd member 15% off

3rd member 20% off

4th member 25% off

Terms and Conditions

Absolutely NO REFUNDS for Paid In Full Plans.

To cancel you are required to submit a written notice before your monthly payment date.

Monthly payments are deducted via EFT from a checking account or credit card.

Plans may be put on hold for vacation with a 4 week minimum but lasting no longer than 3 months.

Payments are deducted on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th or the 25th of each month.