As a mother of girls, I worry, I worry about their physical safety, I worry about mean girls, I worry that the pressures of modern life will crush them. While I can’t keep them wrapped in bubble wrap, I can give them skills that can protect them against those mean girls, will give them the confidence to handle any of the cyber crab that happens, and ultimately will give them the skills and know-how to protect themselves against (God forbid) any physical attack that comes there way. That magical gift really isn’t so magical, it is martial arts. It teaches self awareness, self control, self empowerment, and self confidence. Everything that a young girl needs to grow into awesome person is taught in martial arts. I have seen my own daughters grow and thrive because of martial arts, and I encourage all parents to enroll their daughters (ok, sons also!)  


The instructors teach Krav Maga, karate and situational awareness to adults keeping the curriculum lighthearted and fun. Nobody is left out no matter what their background or experience level. The students are much like a family. Not only is there a belt curriculum, where one advances as skills advance, there is a separate fitness program that can be attended that will improve anyone’s cardio and tone the body.  


My 14 year old daughter attends and over her time she has gained self esteem and discipline. She has trained for just over a year now. Everyone of all belt levels works with her to help improve her skills. Great instruction, great people, great for all ages and levels of skill. Fun and fitness and self defense training with amazing instructors.  

J. M.

What started as exercise and learning self defense skills has become a way of life.

Learning real skills taught in a supportive environment is only the beginning of the story. Everyone works together to hone their techniques while Sensei demonstrates, instructs and encourages.

The friends I've made at the dojo are more than that, they are family, and like a family you may spar but you also share in their success.

John K.

Rise Martial Arts is a great place to be. The atmosphere is very friendly and inclusive. No matter what your  skill level or physical ability is at, Sensei is patient and informative.
Skills learned are useful for building confidence in both adults and children. Plus it is just fun stuff to learn. Hopefully I will never need to use the self defense training but it is nice having the confidence knowing both myself and my daughter can at least protect ourselves.


Rise is amazing! We had our son's 5th birthday party there and it exceeded our expectations!!  They had several interactive games, obstacle courses and races. Its was jam packed with activities. The kids had a blast and the parents had fun watching. He was able to cut his birthday cake with a samurai sword (with adult supervision, of course) which was awesome. The staff was great and many of the parents mentioned they would consider having their children's parties there as well.  Very reasonably priced and we couldn't have been happier!  

Our daughter also obtained her black belt at the age of 10 under the owner's leadership.  The physical strength and mental discipline she achieved through this process has been life changing. Cant say enough good things about Rise and the staff.  Five stars!